Why Student Does Not Use Their Time Wisely

Topics: Time, 2007 singles, University Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: April 1, 2013
For every semester that student have,many memories they have make.Nowadays most of students do not spend their free time wisely because of many entertainment around them..The usage of internet,jamming,telephoned,and lack of activities in university make them feel very free and comfortable live in hostel without having and joining the activities in university. We can see many student are having their own broadband or wireless in faculty or hostel to do their tutorial or assigment.Besides that,they slack of usage of the internet by online the social website such as like facebook, myspace,blog,and dirty website.Its seem liked their habit,to online the internet in the weekend.Most of them spend more time for online from studies..Furthermore,student use this things to communicated with their friends,someone that he or her loved and family.It's take many hours of it. Active in a jamming club without any benefit to student,has a bad effect for them.This is popular among the male students.For me,jamming is not suit for student,while they are study.They can not focused on their learning and with the same time they must spend more time on jamming..Student actually,must to think professionally in managing their time wisely. In other hands,telephoned nowadays are the necessary to having it.Without telephoned people can't know how,what,and communicated with other people effectively.Student take long time to communicate with their friends and others.Besides that,they feel free and relax without any instruction to calling or massage with other in hostel without joint and do the benefit activities in weekends. Sometimes,lack of activities in university also,make student use their time in what ever they liked.Faculty and hostel must to create a challenges activities for student,also of all make their feel enjoy with their life in university. We can conclude that,student have doing many entertainment than a benefits activities in their free timed nowadays because of the...
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