Why student athletes shouldnt be paid

Topics: National Collegiate Athletic Association, ESPN, Basketball Pages: 5 (1010 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Deniz Sipahi
Period 2
7, November, 2014
No Pay for Play: College Athletes Being Paid
    The NCAA as generates $5.5 billion each year. A 25 second slot for commercial during the final four men’s basketball tournament yields $600,000. The question many are asking is: why do any of these college athletes not get a yearly salary for all the money they are making others? The answer is: they already are being paid. NCAA college athletes should receive yearly salaries because it they are already being compensated with scholarships, gear, coaching, textbooks, etc; and because it would take the amateurism away from university athletics. The NCAA has forever aimed to maintain amateurism in their sports. There is a very thick line between amateurism and professionalism. Professionalism has been entered when that athlete receives a salary for his or her services. Granting for the payment of student-athletes would defeat the intentions of everything the NCAA exemplifies.  If college athletes earn a yearly salary this would make them professional. We cannot forget that these young adults are at college to get an education. One blogger from ESPN Radio 104.5 stated, “The percentage of football players getting drafted is 2%... The other 98% will have college degrees if they stick it out.” (College Athletes Shouldn’t Get Paid). By saying this, he means that it would be pointless to play 98% of players who will never make it pro. That statistic does not cover the other sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer that give out full rides and other scholarships to many of their athletes. Many of those who are getting a free education should be grateful for it, because they are not good enough for the pro’s and are going to use their degree once they get out into the workforce. We cannot forget that these players are amateur and have just gotten out of high school. Players cannot be myopic. They must give credence to the big picture and that they are only young and in college. College players have much to prove. Paying them a salary would be a primordial way of pushing them to the professional level, even though the overwhelming majority of these players would never make it pro.   Many are distraught, and believe that college players should be paid for generating millions of dollars in revenue. Per a column in the Florida Independent Alligator; “It’s unfair and wrong to pay football and men’s basketball players because they participate in a sport that generates millions of dollars in revenue, but not pay the thousands upon thousands of student athletes competing for their schools in other sports.” (College athletes shouldn’t get paid). It would not be fair for a star football player who has C’s and D’s to make thousands of dollars, while a women’s swimmer with a 4.0 GPA receives no compensation. Many student athletes obtain a level of education that they would not be able to receive without their athletic talents. When discussing the payment of college athletes, an important consideration is what determines the amount of the salary. These are many of the issues that the NCAA and its affiliated universities would face if student-athlete payment is allowed. These, in turn may cause complaints and lawsuits over payment amounts, effort of the players, and which sports are paid higher amounts if any. In many ways, college athletes are already being paid/compensated for their efforts outside the classroom. Many student-athletes are on full scholarships, and are even receiving their textbooks and other resources for free. A blogger from the ESPN Radio 104.5 FM stated, “There are 80 scholarship players on each of the 112 Division 1-A teams. This means it costs a university $16,000,000 to pay for an entire roster over 4 years.” (College Athletes Shouldn’t Get Paid). With that statistic, he has not considered the amount of traveling they are required to do, and the varying coach’s salaries. This largesse of an investment by the...
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