Why Soccer Is Important To Me Essay
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Thanks Mom and Dad For the past ten years, club soccer has been a huge part of my my life. Now that I am moving on to college, soccer is coming to an end. However, the lessons and values that I have learned from playing club soccer will stay in my life forever. I began playing soccer when I was seven years old, playing under the wing of Charley Amblo. Chaley was a huge role model for me when I was a kid because he was the assistant coach of the Holland team Ajax. I started off only working on training to improve my abilities. It was not until I was nine that I played for a travel team going to various tournaments and college show cases. This was where I learned my leadership, time management, and teamwork dynamics to lead a successful team.
Over the course of ten years playing club soccer, recreational league, and school soccer, I developed my leadership skills. I am currently the captain of Colchester High School's varsity soccer team.
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Every life experience requires the ability to interact and connect with humans. With playing soccer it has allowed me to practice these skills by meeting and interacting with so many different people over the years, giving me the social skills I need for networking with people in the future. Moving forward in the rapidly evolving society, many daily tasks require collaboration and teamwork. Being on multiple sports teams has taught me to work with others in a way that is respectful and professional. Though I am viewed as a leader in a group, I am also capable of following someone else’s lead. A good leader is not always leading, but allowing others to lead to learn from a different point of view. Having others take on a leadership position can bring new ideas and tactics that might not have been brought forth by a single individual. Allowing others to lead the group together creates a stronger team and accomplishing tasks easier by working together and trying new

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