Why Smoking Should be Further Limited on KSU Campus
Topics: Smoking, Cancer, Passive smoking, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking / Pages: 4 (790 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2014

Benjamin Carter
Hannah Baker
ENGL 200
October 15, 2013
Unit 2 Essay
Many campuses have issues between smokers and non-smokers; Kansas State University does not escape this. Many people on campus are bothered by smoking and smokers. This has led to a call for further smoking restrictions. In 2010 Joshua Madden wrote an editorial in the Kansas State Collegian against more restrictions on smokers. In the article, Madden argues that further restrictions against smokers are unnecessary since the effects of secondhand smoke outdoors are negligible, since smoking is a lifestyle choice similar to eating fatty foods K-State should not regulate it, and smoking is limited enough at K-State to add further limits. Further restrictions on smoking on campus are necessary because outdoor secondhand smoke is still very harmful, unlike eating fatty foods, smoking effects the health of others, and the places one can smoke on campus are not truly restricted or enforced. In my opinion, Kansas State should define smoking areas, and move them away from high traffic areas.
I dispute Madden’s claim that effects of outdoor secondhand smoke are insignificant. Secondhand smoke, no matter indoor or outdoor, is very harmful. According to the EPA secondhand smoke is a “known human carcinogen”, meaning that secondhand smoke is known to cause cancer (Cancer). So obviously, secondhand smoke is harmful, but is outdoor secondhand hand smoke? According to a study done by the University of Georgia, even secondhand smoke can increase the amount of carcinogens in a person’s body (Balmes et al.). So even outdoors, secondhand smoke is still damaging to a person’s health. Moving smoking areas away from high traffic area, such as Bosco Student Plaza, would increase the health of not only the students, but faculty and staff as well.
By focusing on the rights of smokers, Madden fails to see the larger picture of the health of Kansas State. By insisting that smokers have a right to smoke

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