Why Smoking Is Bad

Topics: Metastasis, Cancer, Tobacco Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Why smoking is bad...
Smoking tobacco is the cause of many diseases... heart disease and respiratory disease are some examples of many. Smoking can cause many types of cancer also, like bladder cancer, kidney cancer, cancer of the throat (pharynx and larynx), mouth cancer, esophogus cancer, cancer of the pancreas, stomach cancer, several types of lukimea, cancer of the nose and sinuses, cervical cancer, bowel cancer, ovarian cancer, and it can also in some cases cause breast cancer. By smoking while pregnant, you are causing your child a premature death. Premature death isn’t the only thing you are causing your child. When you smoke while you are pregnant, your baby will most likely be additcted to smoking when they get older. It’s a proven fact. Studies show that smoking cold be a self-fufilling prophecy, because smoking reduces your IQ. There are over four hundred (400) chemicals in a cigarette. Only one out of three people who try to quit smoking are successful. Someone who wants to quit smoking has to try two to three times in order to be successful in most cases. A person who is addicted to smoking gets weird and random side affect. When someone has a strong dependence on cigarettes it can cause them severe physical, mental, and emotional reactions. Smoking is also a very high priced and expensive habit that a lot of smokers cant afford. Addicted smokers say that smoking releases stress and helps calm their nerves but it is really just a mind game and a loss of massive amounts of money. Smokers spend over one thoughsand five hundred dollars a yar on buying cigarettes.
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