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Why Smart Phones Should Be Banned in Class

By tammyg1978 Jan 22, 2012 329 Words
The cons of cell phones in school are numerous. The source of much public debate, the issue of whether to allow children and teens to bring their mobile phones to school has been discussed ad nauseam clear across the country, but even now, there is no clear-cut answer, solution or conclusion. Below we will discuss the many reasons why it might not be a good idea to allow the use of cell phones in the classroom.

There are many reasons why cell phones should not be allowed in the classroom. Distractions

When a child is in school, his or her purpose there is to learn, whether it be about Columbus sailing the ocean blue or about how electricity works. Young people are more easily distracted than their elders because they tend to have shorter attention spans. If they become bored with the class material, it doesn't take much for them to take out a Motorola Razar to play some cell phone games. How can you expect a teen to absorb all that knowledge if they're not even paying attention.


Obviously, kids won't be able to take out their cell phones and talk to one another in the classroom during an exam, but the concept of "passing notes" has stepped into the age of technology, thanks to the advent of text messages. These can be sent quite discretely while in the classroom. Taking it one step further, a student can excuse himself to go to the washroom, only to use that time to send text messages and leave voice mails. You also have to bear in mind that cell phones are advancing and improving faster than ever. Certain smart phones can surf the Web (looking for test answers), others have advanced calculators, and depending on the software, it may even be able to run custom applications. The possibilities for cheating and copying are literally limitless, and thus another con of cell phones in school.

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