Why Slavery Is Not Accepatable

Topics: Slavery, Africa / Pages: 3 (592 words) / Published: May 5th, 2012
Slavery is awful and unacceptable; the word itself rings with cruelty, suffering and inhumanity. Slavery is a loaded with meanings word; even originally in a biblical sense the slave employee and conscripted labor were not clearly defined. There were a lot of forms of slavery around the world; in fact, slavery exists even today in a different forms and degrees.
Slavery as a legal term means the ownership of human beings by other human beings as if it was a property. It is the purest form of slavery and, of course, is not acceptable in the contemporary society. The world slave in the Bible shall mean employee, and Bible is the first document that limits the employer rights to sell or to harm a slave. In the historical context, slavery was an institution of the social order of those days be that Egypt, Rome or Pre-revolution US. The whole society was constructed on this concept of human property. Slaves themselves were integral part of the society and did not know any other life and at some level of consciousness may have even appreciated their condition of being "taken care of". One has to remember that before a plantation will bring a profit slaves had to be fed and clothed. It would be unfair to condemn slavery on the grounds of inhumanity alone; this would be too simplistic. But clearly slavery is rarely productive economically and it is dangerously explosive socially. One slave owner is different from the other; one could treat his slaves well, almost like a family, but another one may be cruel. His slaves may revolt eventually, try to kill him and his family and burn his house down. Overall as a social system it is impossible to maintain slavery institution in peace and tranquility. Slavery is not acceptable; nothing can be added or subtracted from this understanding. But this statement is a cub out. Contemporary societies are complex and the world develops not evenly, some forms of human relationships exist in the world even today, which can be easily

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