“Why Shouldn’t You Speed in a School Zone?”

Topics: Miles per hour, Speed, National Maximum Speed Law Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Speed limits are placed everywhere amongst roads to secure each drivers safety. Near schools, school zones speed limits are placed, and active during the times that the school is open. These school zone speed limits are extended within a mile away from the school. Speed limits are much lower than average speed limits, so the children going and coming from school are safe. Once you go over the speed limit provided in a school zone, you put a child’s life in danger. During school hours many children may cross a street without looking both ways, with each driver going the proper speed limit, they would be aware of any child that’s crossing the street, and will be able to stop their vehicle without hitting anyone or damaging their car. Speeding is against the law for obvious reasons; driving too fast is dangerous and very deadly, not just for you but for the people on the road at the same time as you. Speeding results in expensive speeding tickets and potentially points on your driver license. After a certain number of points your license will be suspended. While it is considered dangerous to speed on any road, it is particularly dangerous to speed through a school zone. Speeding through a school zone is more dangerous than anywhere else because of the chances of hitting a child on a walkway or crossing the street. Surveys continuously find that although people say speeding is a threat to their safety when other drivers around them are speeding, most people still admit they speed when driving. Speeding 10, 15, or even 20 miles per hour over the posted limit is routinely practiced by most American drivers with little thought to the danger involved. Speeding is one of the biggest killer on our roads. Speeding is a factor in about 40 per cent of road deaths. Speeding increases your chance of having a crash, and increases the risk of serious injury or death if you do crash. The risk of a death or injury crash in an urban 60km/h speed zone increases rapidly even with...
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