Why Should You Be Moral

Topics: Morality, Religion, Human Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Why should you be Moral?

Why should we be moral? We should be moral, because it is a way of how to behave towards each other, with focusing on being mostly concerned with situations of humans living with other humans. Questions like how should we behave towards each other? What are the rules and how do we learn them, also why do we have to have them? Let’s say there were no laws. How would we treat strangers or people that we know? Would the society be safe to live in? Without laws, there would be a world out of control. At least this is how I would picture it in my mind. Most rational thinkers would probably agree also. People would have to keep their families and themselves on basically lock down or it would be considered a risk. It would be a risk, because there wouldn’t be a way to determine right from wrong, and good or bad, because again, we would have no laws. Humans would be able to do everything and anything they wanted, murder, rape, steal, cheat, harm, etc. It is obvious that when we have laws, people occasionally break them. When they do though, they are usually punished for it to learn what they did wrong or bad, because it’s moral. Laws are possible and have to do with being moral, because they are rules that are enforced by society. Breaking the law would result in losing or reducing people’s rights to being free, along with possessions such as having weapons to hunt or use at the shooting range for leisure. If you were to harm others with that weapon or property, you would lose your right to be able to use that weapon, until you can prove that you have done your time to learn what you have done, or in some cases, lose all rights to ever touching a weapon ever again. Everyone that is in a rational state of mind would want freedom. These rules relate to behavior. Our basic state of nature is to be selfish, and if there was no morals to protect basic values, society would be impossible. It’s natural for humans to acquire everything for ourselves,...
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