Why Should We Study Poetry

Topics: Poetry, Emotion, Writing Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Poetry to my opinion is emotional and boring. So it leaves me with one question; that why should we study poetry at all? I think I know just the right words to answer it. Poetry is a voice given to each one of us in our life time. It can be a roar, a scream or even a whisper. This voice can be used to express a variety of things. Often, people use poetry to express how they feel when they are misunderstood. Writing your feelings down in the form of poetry allows you be seen through the eyes of another person, and this is why poetry is important to me.

Poetry is a bond, a bond of empathy between the writer and the reader; it has emotions and connects the writer and the reader. Cause these poems have been written by people to express their emotion that they normally would have to hide from the world. A poem allows you to see beyond the surface. Sometimes this is done through metaphors or other abstract ways which cause you to think really hard. For example in olden times during the struggle of the common people, who were being treated like dirt poetry was a gift they had through which they could express their thoughts which led to a revolt and people came to a common understanding. During that time people used to write poems anonymously because there was this scare within every poet to be caught. Once such anonymous poem written in those times was “YOUNG, GIFTED BUT BLACK”, the poet wrote:

When Mebula Ramsandra, Was three years old
His mother told him, that if he wanted
To be a big strong man
He 'd have to drink all his milk ---
And he did.
When Mebula Ramsandra
Was five years old
His teacher told him
That if he wanted
To go to a grammar school1
He 'd have to try harder with his homework ---
And he did.
When Mebula Ramsandra
Was fifteen years old
His lecturer told him
That if he wanted to be a lab technician
He 'd have to go to University ---
And he did.
So ten years later
When Mebula Ramsandra
Was twenty-five years old
A big, strong,...
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