why should we study history ?

Topics: Culture, History, Reason Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Why should we study history?

History is a really basic chapter in our lives. It talks about our culture, our morals and traditions and not only. If people didn’t study history they will not be able to know the basis of all the important issues and sciences that human created over the years. Although, there are so many reasons to study history. First of all, history is repetitive. So, we must all be aware of our past and historical mistakes in order not to repeat them. Also, we sharpen our estimation by learning through the right and wrong decisions of our ancestors. Each person’s worldview is shaped by individual experiences, so we must give the due importance to the contemporary and historical experiences of a variety of cultures and understand why people, nations and communities behave the way they do. Of course, when we acquaint our history we can change everything that leaders who are remembered tried to. Additionally, it helps us create an objective view about global issues, because history depends always on valid sources. Furthermore, to help us develop substantial skills for good citizenship. Nobody was born competent to have a fair and right opinion. Concerning on my point of view, history is absolutely necessary not only for all the reasons that I mentioned before, but also through history we manage to write properly, even if we compose something formal or informal and to broaden our intellectual horizons. None that doesn’t know the fundamental facts of history can be regarded as an educated and cultured person. Medical investigations and terms that have been recorded are based on what the first doctors and scientists discovered. It’s not observable but we can classify them into history, because someone else documented them before us. So, we can conclude that history it’s the start of everything, even that belongs to theoretical matters or not. Also, there is a more general side of history. We gain an opinion about other...
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