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Why Should We Ask Question?

By falcon15 Jan 07, 2011 708 Words
I was sitting in history, bored as usual. The boy with the deer in the headlight look all the time just asked if we need to know what type of goverment the U.S is for our american government final, and the girl who says like after every word ask is like Africa like in like North America. That's when i realized thatt questions are supposed to make us smarter and yet our generations don't ask enough questions. So today, let’s ask why we don’t ask enough questions, and then we will study the effects of this lack of communication, and finally let’s see what we can do to end this question drought.

First isn’t it strange that when a teacher asks “are there any questions?” that the common response is silence? How did this response evolve? Well to answer that question we need to go to the cause. There are to causes. First is our confidence in our knowledge, and second is the fear of what people will think. Most people think that since they saw March of the penguins that they know everything about the migration patterns of our favorite arctic animal. Unfortunately these people aren’t exposed to the whole facts. It seems in a time where people take the facts on the internet or TV, and so it is unlikely someone would question of a movie, and now we think that we know it all. By not asking questions we prevent ourselves from knowing all the facts. The second cause is fear of what people will think about our questions. A study conducted is business week shows that a child won’t ask a question because they don’t want to interrupt a class whereas an adult doesn’t want to ask a question because they are ignorant. Did you know that a sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100mph. why did I tell you that? Because you didn’t ask.

Do you know what’s worse than the cause? The effects. When people don’t ask enough questions they become misinformed and then they will spread their bad information. When this happens people become ignorant. When people are scared they become silent. This could either lead to something small like not understanding and algebra problem, or something really big like getting the wrong medicine. The blue cross and shield company revealed that 1 in 8 drugs have an error that can lead to severe side effects such as hallucinations. I’m not saying not asking questions can kill you, but apparently we have grown with this much fear ,that we can’t even ask our doctors if we have the right prescriptionW are living in a world without questions, but now you might be wondering what can we do about this?

Well you could at first try to ask more questions. By asking questions that require people to think rather than a yes or no question, we learn more about the world around us. Try to make learning fun again. Read a book about a topic you like. Challenge yourself to think about both sides of an issue, or even just asking a random question every once in a while. What is the highest point of illanois? Granted there are some stupid questions like if peanut oil is made out of penuts and corn oil is made out of corn, then what is baby oil made out of?We can also create a society more open to questions. With people excited to learn.Charles white says that teachers shouldn’t teach students but let them learn themselves and continue to learn throughout there lives. The importance of this is that our society can now become more open, less ignorant, and smart.

Now after looking at the causes, effects, and solutions to our nakedness of questions. Ots clear that we shouldn’t give up the chance of asking questions by staying silent. I also realize I shouldn’t have made fun of my classmates, they were just asking questions. And so I have a question for you. And If I did my job you know the answer. So here it is. Are there any questions?

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