Why should students wear uniforms?

Topics: Education, School uniform, Dress code Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Why should students wear school uniforms?
By: attackontitans

Did you know that most students who don’t feel like they fit in at school are most likely to end up dropping out of school? Wearing school uniforms helps children feel like we fit in and we belong to our school. School uniforms also save our time and our money. Just because you wear the same clothes as everyone else, it doesn’t mean that it takes away your personality and individuality. More and more schools should enforce the rule of wearing school uniforms.

Wearing school uniforms helps us students to fit in and feel like we belong. If students feel like they don’t belong to their school, their first idea is to drop out of school. According to bootsup.org, one of the top warning signs that a student might drop out of school is that they feel like they don’t fit in at school. Since wearing uniforms might be able to decrease the percentage of dropouts, the school boards should be introduced to the idea of wearing school uniforms. In addition, wearing school uniforms could save the students’ futures. It can also save the students’ time and their parents’ money.

School uniforms can help save your time and money. Most people don’t understand that they take way too long just to get their outfit ready for school the next day; they also spend way too much money to make sure that their clothes are “in style”. Instead of doing productive things in theirs lives, they spend it on trying to fit in. You may not know this, but according to Generation X Finance, the number two reason why people are broke or bankrupt is because they think they are rich, therefore, they keep “investing”. Don’t get me wrong, a fancy new is cool and all, but it isn’t an investment. Another example are the expensive clothes; people think that they have to keep on buying clothes like that so it matches the rest of their clothes. School uniforms can help reduce bankruptcy and save people’s time. As well as save yout time and...
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