Why Should Rich Countries Help Poor Countries

Topics: Unemployment, Sociology, Sectarianism Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: July 19, 2013
If Arab people have the right to go back in time to the life before the Arab Spring, will they use this opportunity? The Arab takes the action of the revolutions to get liberated from the repressive regimes, corruption, and so on. Human who born free should die with freedom? It is the norm to the countries that get through political transformations to have decline in their values and disciplines The Arab spring as it made quantum leap for Arab countries; it also has negative effects in the economy, political, and social life.

First, The economy is something substantial for any country, so the Arab countries were complained about their economy before and tried to amend it. Unfortunately, their economy gets the worst stage after the revolutions. The stock market crashed led to draining billions of dollars according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (2012). High unemployment rate is another significant crises. Most of the companies closed, which means workers, lost their jobs. For example, Egypt recorded a high volume of unemployment in the fourth quarter of 2011 to 12.4% .The unstable situation forced the foreign investor to leave the country that led to shrinking in the foreign investments. The lack of investments made a huge shortage in the foreign currency.

Second, the people in the effected countries by what called Arab spring are living in verities of unsolved political problems. The strife between the political parties to take the power is the major issue. Each party of the conflict is trying to show his strength, so when a problem get closed to be solved by one party the other one ruined it to deform the reputation of the first one. Moreover, Security plays an essential roll in the society. No one can live in a place that can’t be trusted. The insecure country creates a better environment for the terrorism. The growing of the activities of al-Qaeda and jihadist movements in the Arab Spring countries is because the...
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