Why Should Pitbulls Be Banned?

Pages: 9 (2015 words) Published: March 27, 2018

Pitbulls are known as dangerous and non coward. I Once had a pitbull and never had any trouble with him. He was very friendly and never showed any sign of aggression, But people still criticize these dogs. This means that by banning pitbulls it could lead to many different problems that people are not expecting. And cause chaos for Pitbulls and their owners. Although pitbulls seem to be dangerous, people should be able to own pit bulls in the united states. Historically, many dogs have been defined as pit bulls, and dogs identified as pit bulls have been held responsible for attacks.pitbulls have been known as dangerous , vicious, dogs, and some people think that they should be banned. Also people say that they can’t be trained. But this isn't...

Also it would cause more pitbulls to be put down. For example a study showed that dogs are in shelters longer than other dogs. Dogs that are labeled as pit bulls are most likely to wait 3 times longer than other dogs (Botkin).Dogs that are the breed Pit bull are likely to wait 3 times longer to be waiting to be adopted than a dog that isn't a Pit bull, But looks or acts like one. But just because they are labeled a different breed they are off the hook. Another example is that if they were not labeled as dangerous they would not be banned causing them to be in shelters longer and could cause them to be put down because they have been in the shelter too long. According to one study, “researchers found that adoptions of pit bulls rose from 52 percent to 64 percent at a shelter that had decided to do away with breed labels. That corresponded with a 12 percent drop in the number of pit bulls euthanized “ (Botkin). Banning pit bulls would cause them to be in the shelters longer and if they are in the shelter without being adopted they will be put down but if we removed that bann there would be a 12% increase of them being adopted.Because some pitbulls tend to be dangerous it doesn't mean all pitbulls are dangerous also they have to wait longer and have a higher percentage of being put down. Pitbulls should not be...

Pitbulls should not be put down based on their breed. Discrimination on pitbulls would put a negative effect on them causing people to think they are dangerous. And leading to them not being adopted or put down. For example a James A. Serpell who is a director at an Animal Society In Pennsylvania he believes that people stereotype Pitbulls like we stereotype humans. "As human beings we tend to stereotype dog breeds just as we stereotype people," (QTD in Botkin-Kowacki). This means that people are discriminating Pitt bulls just as humans would with other humans based on race, Looks,and Religious beliefs. This is not okay because if dogs were human this would be a discrimination issue, which means that the dogs are being treated unfairly or unequally for something that they have no control over. People should not ban pit bulls just because just because they are labeled as dangerous. Stereotyping pitbulls would be discrimination and unfair. Another example is that people see that pitbulls are muscular and have a different body figure than other dog breeds. According to Alanna Devine she says people just see the muscles and they say it is a pitbull. “People tend to...
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