Why Should Hotels Go Green?

Topics: Natural environment, Recycling, Environment Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Why Should Hotels Go Green?
We are all aware of Earth’s status regarding global warming. We are not retarded to ignore such scenario. As inhabitants of this planet, Earth’s survival rests in our own hands. With the current condition of the environment, there are now hotels that make it a point to "go green." These so-called "green hotels" describe to be more environmentally-friendly through the efficient use of energy, water and solid waste while providing services. Therefore, advocating the greening of hotels is one of the innovative ways of helping Earth's combat against global warming. In line with this, there are simple things that even an ordinary individual can do to green a hotel stay. A hotel can begin its green hotel process by something as simple as unplugging devices. More so, hoteliers may ask the guests to turn off the lights in the rooms when they leave. These are some ways of conserving energy efficiently and effectively. Another issue to ponder is water-efficient practices. Hoteliers may use improved technologies that deliver equal and better service using less water. Finally, the solid wastes in hotels. There are many components of solid wastes including paper, food, various metals, and plastics that are very productive if people reuse or recycle it. Every individual should learn how to reduce their own wastes. Green hotels are definitely beneficial, not only to the Mother Earth, but also to the hotel owners. One of the main benefits of hotels going green is Jose page 2 that business owners get to considerably lower their operating cost. By turning environmentally-friendly, hotels can see a 30% reduction in their cost. In addition, running an environmentally-friendly business helps gain a competitive advantage. Further more, another benefit of going green is the reduction of green house emissions and healthier workplaces for...
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