Why Religious Education Is Important

Topics: Education, Islam, School Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Alan Lam
EDU 241 C01
Professor Hubbard
25 FEB 2013
Why Religious Education Matters: the Role of Islam in Multicultural Education
In this article written by James R. Moore, intertwining religion into our education system has a good and a bad side. On one side, it teaches our children about values such as honesty, integrity, selflessness, courage, and etc. On the other side, it could lead to some conflicts with science, such as Biology. The particular religion that Mr. Moore has specified to teach in schools is Islam. He speaks that since most American kids have a basic understanding of Christianity and Judaism, why not Islam? If Islam is introduced into our school systems, it will lessen the next generation’s misconceptions of what is or is not Islam. Some Americans, when asked what a Muslim is, might say they are terrorists or religious fanatics. Little do some know that Islam shares a root from Christianity, just as it once shared a root with Judaism. By allowing at least Islamic basics taught in public schools, our population will realize that there are other ways of looking at laws, ethics, and beliefs. We as a nation and as a people have become too complacent into believing that our religion is the only righteous one and this is far from the truth. By educating our children and ourselves about Islam, we open our minds that not all Muslims are dangerous and are in fact some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Their devotion, their passion, and their conviction, are something to be in awe. When 11 SEPT 2001 happened, people were confused and afraid. My teachers, friends, and family were all terrified. I was not afraid; I was angry. I remember blaming and cursing every Middle Eastern looking person around me and felt very violent towards them. Thankfully, my parents took me aside and taught me that not all Muslims were responsible. I do wish that some basics of Islam and other religions were taught to me during my high school so that I...
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