Why Religion Should Not Exist

Topics: Religion, Bob Marley, Rastafari movement Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Why religion should cease to exist
What is the possibility that a god created the world and is watching us right now when science can explain most of the world´s big mysteries? It´s pretty unlikely, and if you are religious and god would exist, why would your religion be the right one? If you are an atheist like me please continue reading but otherwise I would recommend you to stop now since you will find it controversial and I do not want you to feel offended but I want you to open up and wide your eyes for the truth. In 1977 the famous Jamaican Reggae singer Bob Marley was diagnosed for cancer in a toe. He died four years later after the cancer spread to the whole body including his brain. The doctors recommended him to amputate the toe but he refused due to his religious beliefs. In the Rastafarian faith it is forbidden to remove parts of the body. Religion is conservative movements and it slows down the science, which includes medical drugs. People die, literally, for their religion. Is that fair to not give those people a chance? The religion creates oppression for “people with lower value”. It is not a secret that women have been underestimated by men in all history. They have lived without the same rights as men and have been utilized, earned less salary and are still less powerful in general. Is it really right that nine year old girls involuntary are married of to older men? A few years ago the French president Sarkozy said he wanted to forbid Muslims from wearing burqa. Many people called him a racist, but I have to defend him. The burqa stops them from a social life, and from their rights to freedom. It is female oppression and to call him racist for saying that makes me question if those people can be feminists. Religion also opens up opportunities to punish people on dubious grounds. Sexual minorities like homosexuality are also a phenomenon that most religions reject. Should we judge people for their gender, sexuality or skin color, only for...
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