Why Religion Should Be Kept Out of Sublic Schools

Topics: Religion, Independent school, Private school Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Jeff Perman
English 093 – 10B
Sept. 20, 2011
Argumentive Essay Introduction
Why Religion Should Not Be Allowed In Public Schools

The question of religion in public schools goes all the back to 1948, where a case in Champlain, Illinois was heard regarding a sectarian group that would go into schools 30 mins. a day to preach to students about religion. The court found it was unconstitutional due to the first Amendment (Mead, Green, and Oluwule). These practices still continue today with various religious groups taking stronger and more creative ways to infiltrate the public school systems of America. Another, more recent example of these tactics is that of a group of creationism advocates in Louisiana who took school science books and pasted disclaimers in them slighting evolution concepts and praising creation of man from God. This attempt to change school curriculum also failed in the courts due to it not being a separation of church and state (Boston). The last example actually rules in favor of a religious activity where a group of students asked if they could use a class room to hold a prayer group during lunch. This passed in the court because it was the students asking, it wasn’t taking place during normal class time and it was voluntary whether a student went or not (Mead, Green, Oluwule). The following essay will strive to give facts from both sides including different court verdicts and it will also show how the courts have upheld the First-Amendment and freedom of religion rights. Religion should not be allowed in public schools for the simple fact that America has had so many court cases in which they have had to uphold the constitution in reference to the first amendment which clearly states the separation of church and state. Since 1948 the Supreme Court has heard and decided on 13 cases that presented questions such as whether and under what circumstances religious doctrine or prayer should have in America’s public schools as an...
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