Why Religion Is Good and Bad

Topics: Religion, Human, God Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Personal Experience with Religion
Everyone is entitled to the way they live and what they believe in. On that note, I used to think that religion is something that people came up with to explain the unknown. People do not like to not know how, why, when, and where things happened or have to happen. Scientists and many people examine things just to learn about them, to lead to new things that could help human kind and to uncover the unknown. Before doing any research myself I often said that religion is a way to add all the things that they do not know and cannot explain into one thing; like how people came about, people think of evolution or creation. Evolution is people evolved from apes and gorillas, but no one has found a half-man half-gorilla person. So this leaves the choice of creation, which is the belief that, God or gods, created humans and put some on earth, but no one has found or seen any artifacts from these people. But yet no one can really say that God didn’t create nor scientist can prove that we came from monkeys. From my experience death is and will always be the biggest fear in all people, since they do not know what will really happen when they die. Religions try to comfort some by saying that they will be reincarnated or will go to heaven by doing good on earth, but they know that religion is only to comfort them, if they want to believe it or not. People who believe in a religion live good and better lives most of the time, since they think someone is watching over them. They have comfort thinking they are working for a better afterlife. Hope is a part of religion in a sense that no one wants to find out that they have been working and praising someone they never heard nor seen. People who do not follow a religion do not have as many morals and values as a believer do. It does not mean that if a person does not follow a religion that they will have a bad life or be a bad person. No one can tell who goes to church and who does not all the...
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