Why Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much

Topics: Major League Baseball, New York Yankees, Babe Ruth Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: September 7, 2001
"Baseball is the belly of society. Straighten out baseball and you'll straighten out the rest of the world."� Bill Lee People have a tendency to pay for things they love to see, but has it gone too far? Bill Lee thinks it has and so do many other baseball fans. There was once a time where a father could go to the ballpark with his family for $10 and see their favorite Yankee play, but now things have changed. For a family of four to go see a Major League Baseball game it will cost them anywhere from $200 to $250 to sit in tight, compact seats, while trying to watch the same man as everyone else is. People ask why professional athletes get paid too much; it's because we allow it. What we pay for, why we pay, and where our money goes are only a few of the ways we know that professional athletes are paid too much.

Big names in the sport business get paid a lot of money to play around and entertain the crowds. Meanwhile, the crowd pays a lot of money be entertained. The crowd is full of doctors, lawyers, teachers, and mechanics that have paid thousands of dollars to earn the money to get to the game in the first place. The players that are being watched normally haven't worked hard towards a good education. Some have been recruited right out of high school, while most got huge scholarships to play sports at prestigious schools. These schools will do almost anything to keep their best players in school. So they athletes can eventually make it to the professional level, with or without a degree. One might argue that some people get money for being good with their brains, why shouldn't people get money for being good with their bodies; on the other hand, since when have we paid someone $12 million to think and have fun? It's not all the athletes' fault though. Once the player becomes good, many different teams will seek him or her after. Soon after, the highest bidder will get he or she on his team. What is the difference between $80 million and $90 million? Players...
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