Why People Wear Hats?

Topics: Fashion, Hat, Boston Red Sox Pages: 4 (1122 words) Published: June 7, 2013
Name: Shirley Lee 400110150
Mode: Cause and effect
Audience: People who seldom wear hat and do not know why other people do. Purpose: To inform them about the five factors why other people wear hats so that they can understand the reasons why other people do. Ordering: By points/from the most known factors to the most unknown factors. Thesis statement: There are five factors that lead people to wear hats including: to protect, to make a fashion statement, to hide from people, to show status, and to identify with certain groups. That Guy Is Wearing a Hat, Why?

I. Introduction
A. Question
B. Background
C. Thesis statement
II. Main Body
A. To protect
1. From severe weather
a. Extreme hotness
b. Extreme coldness
2. From bump
a. Working in factories
b. Playing extreme sports: bungee jumping
3. From illness
.Example: Baldness
B. To make a fashion statement
.Increasing self-esteem
.Example: college students
C. To hide from people
1. Lacking confidence
.Example: Bullied little boys
2. Ensuring privacy
.Example: celebrities
D. TO show status
1. Taking pride in one’s career or social class
a. Policemen
b. Gentlemen in the 19th century
E. TO identify with certain groups
1. Finding a sense of belonging
2. Stating one’s standpoint
3. Examples:
a. Religious group: Judaism
b. Sports team: MLB in America
III. Conclusion
A. Restatement of thesis statement
B. Suggestion
C. Quotation

That Guy Is Wearing a Hat, Why?
Look in the mirror; how do you look today? Do you put something on your head? Throughout the history, people in different countries around the world wear hats on different occasions for various reasons. Hats not only play an important role in the fashion industry, but they symbolize all kinds of the wear’s inner thoughts and intentions. In fact, there are five factors that lead people to wear hats...

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