Why People Shoplift

Topics: Adolescence, Shoplifting, Theft Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: March 22, 2011

Shoplifting, one of the most common crimes in our society, is increasing in recent years. Despite the fact that there are tight securities against it, people are not discouraged to shoplift but instead they do so quite often. This paper looks at the reason behind the increasing number of shoplifters, the factors that encourage people to shoplift. People that are highly into such a crime can either be a young teen ager or a grown up however, the reason may vary for both the groups. This paper will further talk about money not being the only factor that encourages shoplifting.


‘‘Shoplifting is the theft from the selling floor while a store is open for business.’’ (Francis, 1979, p. 10). It has been estimated that 1 in every 12 shoppers shoplift (Ray, 1987). Almost 60% of consumers have shoplifted at some point in their lives (Klemke, 1982, 1992; Kraut, 1976). Among adolescents, 30 to 40% commit this crime repeatedly (Cox, Cox, & Moschis, 1990; Klemke, 1982). Estimates of dollars lost annually from shoplifting have ranged in the billions (French, Crask, & Mader, 1984; Griffin, 1984). Klemke (1992) notes that in the past 20 years, there has been a 300% increase in reported incidents of shoplifting. It is evident that shoplifting is not only a serious problem to the business community and legal system, but also to the consumers who ultimately must pay higher prices to cover the cost of stolen goods. Relatively few studies have examined the effects of interventions used with the shoplifting offender. Studies specifically concerned with the adolescent shoplifter are sparse. Nonetheless, what has begun to emerge is a convergence of evidence about who shoplifts and why and also how this problem can be addressed.

Who Shoplifts?
There is not as such typical shoplifter. People who shoplift can be any age, race, gender, and social and economic background. Shoplifters generally fall into two categories: 1.Professional shoplifters: These...
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