Why People Came to the New World

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, England, Colony Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: August 28, 2013
One reason was that in European countries the first-born son inherited all of the fathers land. Some of the younger sons then came to America to get their land. Another reason had to do with religion. In England people had to worship like the King ordered them to. People came to America so they could worship in their own way. Some people were brought to the colonies against their will. Black slaves were brought from Africa to Virginia. Eventually there were black slaves in all of the thirteen colonies, but most of them lived in the South. Some English people came to bring Christianity to the Indians. Others came because they thought America was filled with jewels and gold! Many others came for the adventure of it all and the excitement of living in a faraway land! The colonists came to America for many reasons. But they had one thing in common. They wanted the freedom to live the way they thought best. Some colonist saw many opportunities awaiting them in the New World. They saw this as a chance for them to have lots of farmland, open new fur trading colonies, and to start a new life for their families. Another group was sent away from England for not being able to pay their bills. They were given land in the New World. This was a place where the poor could make a new life. This colony was called Georgia. The Middle colonies promised people land. Many saw this as their chance to get ahead. They came from many countries to the New World with dreams for a new life. In Maryland, the Catholics established a colony in order to freely practice their religion. The Virginia and Carolina colonies saw the New World as their chance to make money off of the rich fertile land. Many others came for the adventure of it all!
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