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Why Our Troops should withdraw from Afghanistan

By fleurball Apr 27, 2014 1653 Words
Philosophy 106
First Paper Assignment

Why our Troops Should Withdrawal From Afghanistan

On September 11th 2001 the United States witnessed one of the worst terroristic attacks in U.S history. Nineteen terrorists that were apart of an Islamic group hijacked four planes crashing them into various areas around the United States, committing suicide along with many innocent citizens. Two separate planes hit the world trade center in New York City, while a plane also hit the pentagon as well. This was a huge shock to the American people, and there were many mixed feelings about what to do about this. Many Americans believed that we should go to war with Iraq but in my opinion we should not have. Our troops are still in Afghanistan, and I believe that is not morally acceptable. War serving a purpose other than the protection of ones own country and causing more deaths than need be is not morally acceptable. If by not doing X causes death and suffering of people than we should do X. The Afghanistan war has been going on for about 14 years (2001-present). In the first ten years of this war 6,251 United States soldiers have died and 1695 soldiers have died in this war by or near Afghanistan. Along the lines of deaths, the American soldiers are not the only ones that have died or suffered from this war since 2001 when the war began. Almost thirty thousand Afghan civilians have died as well. That being said, many people U.S or others have died because of this war and because of these deaths many of the family members or loved ones have suffered. If we hadn’t gone to war these deaths could have been prevented, thus by not taking our troops out of Afghanistan and if we had not gone to war we could have prevented the deaths and suffering of many people around the world. That be said we should not have done either of these things. President Obama in June of 2011 announced that he would begin his plan of the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan. Although he announced this he never made clear that all of the troops would actually be withdrawn. What he actually said was that ten thousand troops would be taken out of Afghanistan by the summer of 2011, and also that another twenty three thousand troops would be leaving by the end of the summer of 2012. After 2012 he explained to the public that our troops would be coming home at a steady pace as long as the Afghan security can take control over the Taliban. He then explained that by the end of 2014 that our mission would change from combat to support and that the Afghans would be responsible for their own security. President Obama never said that all of the troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan he said that we would be on a support mission. That being said our U.S military troops are not fighting for the protection and safety of our own country they are fighting for the safety of another with many innocent Americans dying everyday that don’t have to be dead. If someone refuses to believe this; in six years four thousand United states soldiers have died which leaves with an average of about one half an American soldier a day. Innocent United States soldiers are dying everyday in Afghanistan to protect a country other than our own while causing more deaths than need be and this needs to be put to an end. President Obama did say that by the end of 2014 our mission would change from a combat mission to a support mission. To some people this could some extremely appealing and that we are on the right track to getting our troops out of Afghanistan. The most shocking thing about Obamas support mission statement dealing with Afghanistan is that we have already had a support mission with Iraq and it really isn’t that much different than a combat mission. Our troop level was brought down to 50,000 troops in August of 2010. In over a year later in October of 2011 there were still about 45,000 troops still left in Iraq. These troops were supposed to be non-combat troops but still engaged in combat missions, but it is said that they were supposed to have combat capacity. How could you possibly have a “combat capacity” when you are in the line of fire in your life is on the line. This seems to be as a glorified statement to the American people to make us feel more comfortable with what is happening. Since the support mission in Iraq didn’t bring troops out quickly why would our support group in Afghanistan bring troops out quickly or even safely? Our United States troops will be on a support mission at the end of 2014 according to Obama and that shouldn’t make anyone feel any better. Innocent American soldiers will still die to try to protect another country. Instead of a support mission U.S military should withdrawal the troops in Afghanistan to prevent the deaths of many American soldiers. The spokesman for the Taliban have told the United States that peace would require the United States troops to leave Afghanistan. In my opinion this is exactly what we are looking for: peace in Afghanistan and stopping the deaths of many United States troops. The United States seems to have an option of peace but they have not done this at all, actually what they have done is pretty much the opposite. The United States government has mad negotiations with the Afghan government to keep thousands of the United States troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. From this we can conclude that the key to peace is leaving Afghanistan indefinitely rather than keeping our troops rather indefinitely. I understand that someone might say that you can’t trust the Taliban. But in all reality if they say this I believe that you have to trust them considering how many soldiers that have died, family members and loved ones that have suffered in large numbers because of this war. If by taking our troops out of Afghanistan could prevent the death and suffering of many people than we should take our troops out of Afghanistan. As I said before that someone could argue that you can’t trust the Taliban, and in a way I agree with this argument. The Taliban did a terrible thing to the United States by causing many deaths and much suffering of the American people, but someone that says this might not clearly understand the situation that Afghanistan is actually in. Leon Panetta, who is a formal director of the central intelligence committee, said in 2010 that there were less than one hundred al Qaeda (members of the Taliban) left in Afghanistan. So yes, there still are some dangerous people there that could potentially cause harm to the Afghan people, but according to the latest Brookings institute Afghanistan index there are 344,108 Afghanistan security forces, 90,000 defense department contractors, and 150,000 Pakistanian troops on the Afghanistan border. These numbers are much larger than just the 100 al Qaeda that are in Afghanistan. There is absolute no reason for our United States military to be in Afghanistan right now with this many people around to support and protect civilians from the Taliban. We can prevent many deaths of the United States soldiers as well as prevent suffering of the soldier’s family members and loved ones by taking or troops home. Someone could say that we can’t do this because the people of Afghanistan need our help but this simply is not true. The numbers above show that clearly they have enough people to protect the Afghan people from the Taliban, and we should withdrawal our troops immediately and worry about the protection of our own country limiting the deaths of many American Soldiers. The United States military has been fighting a War in Afghanistan for quite sometime. There has been an on-going argument throughout the United States rather or no the United States military should continue its engagement there or if we should withdrawal from the war. President Obama has seemed to try to make steps toward the goal of with drawling our troops out of Afghanistan and even said that we would be on a support mission rather than a combat mission by the end of 2014. We know from the facts of our support mission in Iraq that the killings of innocent soldiers will not stop and that they will still be participating in combat missions. The United States government has also been told by a Taliban spokesperson that the only way to retain peace is for the United States troops to leave Afghanistan. Someone could say to this that we cant trust the Taliban, but even if we cant the facts show that since 2010 there are far more many troops around the Afghanistan area that could support and protect the civilians from the small amount of Taliban that are still present. From the first ten years of this war 6,251 United States soldiers have died but there is absolutely no reason for this to go on any longer. If by not doing X causes death and suffering of many people than we should do X. By not withdrawing our troops out of Afghanistan, it has caused death and suffering of many people therefore we should withdrawal our troops out of Afghanistan. This war has served purposes other than the protection of our own country and has caused more deaths than need be. The United States military should end its engagement in our war with Afghanistan, not tonight, not tomorrow, but right now.


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