Why Othello Is an Effective Piece of Drama

Topics: William Shakespeare, Othello, Tragedy Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: April 8, 2013
2. Write a speech to persuade the Old Vic theatre to put on 'Othello' giving reasons why it is an effective piece of drama. Use the film version as your source.

William Shakespeare, England’s greatest writer. How could any Theatre deny this legend from their stage? His famous play Othello is a classic, a Greek tragedy promoting many themes, to name a few: love, anti – femininity, and racism. First performed in 1604 this intriguing storyline based in Venice and Cyprus has been thrilling audiences world wide for 400 years it has every character one could hope for from a typical Shakespeare play which is why your theatre would love Othello! Othello is a man of trust, he believes that those close to him are there to support him, which leads to his peripeteia, his fall from grace. Life is not easy for this young Venetian warrior. As a Moor, he is a long way from home, he is a black man in a white man’s army, an Islam by birth in a Christian country, with a white wife who's father disapproves due to the colour of Othello’s skin. He falls deeply in love with his wife, Desdamona, a beautiful fair lady. Her father Brabantio is a Senator meaning she has probably had a very comfortable up brining, but nevertheless she genuinely loves Othello, despite many considering him as an outsider due to his race, religion and culture. She is innocent and kind hearted however her fate lies in Iago's hands, a man many would describe as pure evil. He despises Othello, and ironically Othello considers him to be his most trustworthy friend. His anger is sourced from Othello's decisions, when he promotes Cassio instead of Iago, and therefore Iago goes about seeking his malicious revenge. If I haven’t persuaded you by now, there’s more. I understand many would believe it foolish to perform a 17th century play today, but I have to disagree. Many themes in this domestic tragedy are still relevant today, and despite its age, its content is still guaranteed to thrill audiences from all...
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