Why Nursing Is Important

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There are various definitions of nursing as a profession: first of all this is a kind of assistance for persons, their families, aimed at reaching and maintaining the best state of health. Nowadays, some researchers define nursing as “a science and an art that focuses on promoting quality of life as defined by persons and families, throughout their life experiences from birth to care at the end of life (Barnsteiner, 2).

The main goal of nursing community is unified in the whole world: this is to train and to provide the specialists, corresponding to norms and standards of ethics and competence. In different countries of the world the education for nurses varies a lot, but as the basis, it always includes perfect study of nursing theory and practice and development of the needed clinical skills. Most of the countries issue special laws for controlling the nursing practice and a person is able to enter this profession only according to national or state regulations.

When comparing nursing to medicine, it is not enough to consider only practical sides; there is also an emotional side of each of the two fields. It is hard to imagine a surgeon, who shows his emotions, like sympathy for example towards his patient when he is performing a serious operation, he should remain calm and emotionless. At the same time, it is evident, that emotional bond, more confidential relations usually build between a patient and a nurse. That is why it is so important, that a nurse is able to not only provide assistance in taking pills or changing the bed-clothes for the patient, but also do her best and be a kind of moral support for him.

The basis of pediatric nursing is the same, but still there is a number of factors and peculiarities that differentiate it from other types of nursing. First of all pediatric nursing includes for example looking after a newborn baby and taking care of a teenager, who was injured. The main circle of duties of a pediatric nurse includes...
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