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Why not Legalize Marriage?

By bsofia0236 Apr 27, 2014 1143 Words

Why not Legalize Marriage?
Society tells us that, “Marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife” ( Society gives us a lens and tells us what to value, what to think is cool, what is right and what is wrong; it gives us a perception of reality, the problem is that we have to think critically and use our subconscious mind to form our own opinion. Would it really be an issue if same-sex couples married? Since when has it been wrong to want to marry for love and want society to understand your unbinding love? It is wrong to not allow same-sex couples to marry based on a legal standpoint. I argue that it is biased for the state to determine whether same-sex couples should marry or not, because it deprives same-sex couples from the fourteenth amendment. Same-sex marriage should be legalized because same-sex couple should receive spouse benefits, and they should be able to form a family of their own within a marriage. UTA students would be attentive to learn more about same-sex marriage laws because they are millennials. Millennials are generally “regarded as being more open-minded, and more supportive of gay rights and equal rights for minorities”( UTA students are constantly thinking about their future, and marriage is a part of most of our futures. Same-sex couple should have the same rights that heterosexual citizens have; they should not be discriminated against other preferences. The government should not discourage people from their true identity. Under the fourteenth amendment, it states that, “no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Meaning that citizens should have the freedom to engage in any forms of social, activities by society. Therefore homosexual marriage should be legalized because under the fourteenth amendment, it would be considered depriving a citizen of his or her right. Wedgwood states that, “the state can not justify its action by appeal to such controversial moral or religious views, any more than it can justify them by appeal to the view that Christianity is superior to Judaism.” (Wedgwood2) I believe that until this day, the reason why that same-sex marriage is still illegal is due to religion. The bible says to not judge others, but only to love then, because it is not our job to place judgments upon others that are in living in sin, but only gods. God loves everyone whether they live in sin or not and we as a society should follow his lead to love everyone. The second most important reason why it is important to legalize same-sex marriage is because of the benefits. Same-sex couples should have the right to share their medical benefit, government benefit, estate planning benefit, employment benefit, death benefit, consumer benefit, and other legal benefits and protection with their partner. It is wrong that in case of a medical emergency, same-sex couples can not make a medical decision for there loved ones. That right would go to a family member if the person is not married, but the reason they are not married is because it is illegal. I disagree with O’Brien’s reasoning that, “If legal rights are an issue, they can of course, be settled by (non-marriage) civil contracts” (O’Brien 1). A civil contract is a substitute contract for marriage. Even if the couple has a civil contract, couples still would not be able to receive government benefits because a civil contract is not a marriage. I disagree with Maggie Gallagher’s claim stating that, “Marriage is the fundamental, cross-cultural institution for bridging the male-female divide so that children have loving, committed mothers and fathers.” (Gallagher 2) Not everyone gets married to have children, or want children in general. Thru ought the essay Gallagher mentions that marriage is about procreation, and that if homosexuals can not procreate, they should not be allowed to marry. There are a lot of women who have infertility problems. Does that mean that they are not meant to be mothers? A lot of women are also now marrying late, and they are not able to procreate as well. Does that mean that people should not marry in there fifties or in there sixties? What Gallagher forgets to mention is the fact that, there are millions of children that are procreated every day and are also abandoned by their biological parents, and put in foster care. What happens to those children? Some get adopted, some of the children move from house to house, some stay in the system until they are eighteen years old, and most of the children run away and live in the streets; where it is not safe. A lot of the children that run away because they are unstable, due to not having a family structure and get hooked on drugs and are put to work by pimps. Gallagher mentions that, “Research clearly demonstrates that family structure matters for children, and the family structure that helps children the most in a family headed by two biological parents in a low-conflict marriage.”(Gallagher1) Gallagher clearly forgets that not every child has the opportunity to be raised by their biological parent. Just because heterosexual couples can procreate does not mean that they should, because not everyone is fit to be a parent. There are thousands of parents that neglet their children and are abusive as well. What if there was a purpose for same-sex couples to adopt children that were put in the system by their heterosexual parents who were not fit to raise them? I believe that same-sex couples have the ability to raise a loving family just like any other heterosexual couple or single parent. Same-sex marriage should be legalized because everyone deserves to marry who they want. It is also unsympathetic for human beings to judge others relationships, when clearly it has nothing to do with them. We must put ourselves in homosexual’s shoes because, whether people like it or not we all want to marry the person who we love, whether if they are of opposite sex or the same sex, everyone should have the right to marry their true love. In no shape of form does it intervene with heterosexual marriage. I agree with Wedwood’s reason that, “ Same sex marriage would not force anyone to honor or approve of gay or relationships against their will”(Wedgwood2). Every individual should be granted equal rights, regardless of sexuality. It is unfair to couples of the same-sex to lose rights based on sexuality. We should all learn to not place judgment on to others. Anna Quindlen states that, “Gay marriage is a radical notion for straight people and a conservative notion for gay ones”( Quindlen1). It is unfair that homosexuals will always be judged.

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