why NGV gas is the best choice to choose

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Natural gas, Petroleum Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: October 30, 2014
When you or your parents going to a gas station and you see the gas price have increase annually, how do you feel about it? Have you ever think that the price should be cheaper? Moreover, have you ever know that you can pay less than what you are actually paying for gas right now? In today presentation I would like to persuade my classmate and give information about why NGV gas is the best choice to choose. NGVS are still greatly outnumbered by vehicles, which use conventional gasoline. The main reason is that the technology for conventional gasoline vehicles has been developed over many years. However; during the energy crisis period, natural gas has become one of the most popular alternative fuels. 3main reasons are environment friendly, safety and cheaper price comparing to other gases 1Environment friendly

NGV produce less carbon dioxide or CO2
✔ NGV is one way to save the world because its produces less carbon dioxide, which is cause of, air pollution and global warming when comparing with other gases. ✔ NGV leaves no mess after burning and it is regarded as the cleanest fuel for our environment (What is NGV?, 2013). NGV gas cannot contaminate the water

Gasoline and diesel will contaminate surface water and groundwater but NGV gas cannot contaminate the water because it will disappear into the air if released For example, there are about 50,000 L of oil spill into Thai Gulf and surrounding island such as Koh Samet in 2013. As a result, there are many drawbacks for the environment and tourism industry (Campbell, 2013). 2Safety

A.Lighter air
i.Less chance of getting ignitable comparing to gasoline and diesel, which are easily to get ignitable (Gable, 2014). B.Test the tank
i.NGV tanks have to face the most stringent safety standards in the world. Some of the tests that these NGV tanks must pass are the drop test, the bonfire test and gunshot test (NGV America, 2013). 3 save your money

We know that cost of set up NGV is very high, but you have...
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