Why Muslims disobey Allah

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: May 6, 2015
The Quran was sent to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), as a central part of the Islamic constitution which should be used to guide all Muslims in all their affairs. Muslims generally hold the Quran in high regard and recognise it as the words of Allah. However, in recent decades Muslims as individuals and as collective societies have failed to implement the commandments and revelations of the Quran in their daily lives. Some key factors which have led Muslims generally to neglect Allah’s commandments in the Quran include negative portrayal of Islam in the media, modern social and cultural environment and a lack of knowledge and ignorance of the rulings contained in the Quran.  This essay will illustrate how these factors have a major impact on Muslims and their religious practice.  

Mass media is significant factor which has led some Muslims to be misguided from Quranic teachings. It has become an essential part of every household. It plays a substantial effect on shaping Muslim thought and actions. Allah swt says in the Quran “When news concerning peace or fear comes to them, they go about spreading it. Had they referred it to the Messenger and to those having authority among them” (Usmani,2000,4:83), however Muslims have disregarded this command in recent times and instead relied on the media and allowed it to shape their Islamic philosophy. According to Aly (2007), mass media have portrayed Muslims negatively, thus, making them victims of negative media stereotypes and demonstrating bias against them. In fact, the media uses selective phrases such as fundamentalist, terrorist and violent to portray Muslims negatively, which subsequently affects the behaviour and thinking of Muslims in general because they feel victimised and do not want to associate themselves with Islam and the Qur’an (Dunn 2001). Numerous cases of the Quran being defiled and criticised have appeared on the media leading to Muslims fearing implementing its laws. Robertson in TV show stated that...
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