Topics: Management, Bachelor's degree, Geographic information system Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: May 28, 2014
My passionate interest in computers and other related gadgets dates back to my childhood days. My mother always talked about how my twin brother and I will dismantle and reassemble any toy that she bought for us breaking some in the process. My tutors appreciated how fast I learnt when I took an “introduction to computers” course in my early teenage years. It was not surprising that I was selected as a member of a team that will represent Bishop Herman College in a competition dubbed “I too can program (I2CAP)” organized by the Advanced Information Technology Institute-Kofi Annan Center of Excellence. I was also admitted among a few to take an introduction to Geographic Information Systems during my undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana Department of Geography.

After completion of my undergraduate degree in Geography and Political Science, I was given an opportunity to work in the Engineering Department of Multi TV, as a national service personnel. My first day on the job, I had the opportunity to run errands and witness the proof of concept for the channel encryption system. I was completely at sea during the entire process due to the numerous jargons that were used to describe the equipment and their functions. My first thought was that I was a misfit in TV engineering. To absolve myself I quickly wrote down the strange names and found out what they represented and the role they played in the workflow at the station. This event is what sparked a progressive desire to acquire knowledge and eventually become a key team player in designing, implementing and administering the entire broadcast and IT systems at the station.

During my national service I worked an IT support staff and was later promoted to take up the responsibility of network administration. As a result of the potential I displayed, I was given full time employment as a broadcast engineer after my national service. To achieve these responsibilities and fulfill them...
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