Why Marriages Fail by Anne Roiphe

Topics: Marriage, Want, Alimony Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Aysan Nazeri
English 49
The Marriage
Anne Roiphe in her article “Why Marriages Fail” argues couples tend to get divorce due to lack of money, experience, and maturity. Marriage is one of the happiest moments in everyone’s life, and the age for getting married is important. The best age for marriage is 30 due to having enough money, getting sufficiently experience and also achieving to the maturity of personality.

First of all, the benefit of a great marriage depends on working and having enough money to support your family. The lack of money or saving causes some problems in the couple’s relationship. According to Roiphe “concern and tension about money take each partner away from the other”. At age 30, almost all of the people have done their education, and they have their jobs. They had enough time to work hard, and save money for their future. According to Roiphe “the altering of roles and shifting of responsibilities have been extremely trying for many marriages”; marriage is a huge responsibility and money talks first in every marriage. Almost all of the conflicts and tension between couples is about the money. Without money none of the family members will feel secure. They will have an obvious future without having enough saving. The life after marriage has lots of problems, and the great percentage of them can resolve by money. So, the age of 30 is sufficient to people have enough money for their future life.

Moreover, the substantial percentage of unsuccessful marriages is due to the lack of experience couples about other people. According to Roiphe” the struggle to survive in marriage requires adaptability, flexibility, genuine love and kindness and an imagination strong enough to feel what the other is feeling.” Young people need to know each other, and they need to know what type of person they like. They have to feel the different sense of other people. There are a huge variety of various treatment and behavior; people have to...
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