Why Marriage Isn't for Everyone

Topics: Marriage, Monogamy, Sociology Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 13, 2008
Why Marriage is not for Everyone
Marriage is defined as a legally recognized relationship between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners. Marriage has always seemed to coincide with “American Dream” and the pursuit of happiness. Although marriage continues to be a part large part of American life, that path is not for everyone. Marriage, as any other life-long commitment, can be very difficult even under the best of circumstances. Without the proper amount of persistence, maturity, and determination, a marriage simply can not survive successfully. Marriage certainly is not for everyone, especially with people that have certain social issues, people with commitment issues, and people with selflessness issues.

Many people with social issues, such as trust and problems communicating, would encounter trouble while attempting to achieve a successful marriage. If someone does not trust their partner, they will never feel completely secure with the relationship. A lack of trust for a person’s spouse can many times lead to a loss in self-confidence. If that person feels as though their partner is being unfaithful it can make them question what is wrong with themselves. Problems with communication is another social issue that might cause someone to reconsider getting married. Tension may possibly build to a point that is beyond repair if someone can not discuss their own ideas and emotions with the pushover because they have trouble vocalizing their own wishes. These are a few circumstances of why marriage may not always be appropriate for people with social issues. Pushover because they have trouble vocalizing their own

Another type of person that may feel that marriage is not right for them would be a person with commitment issues. Commitment issues can include fear of commitment, fear of monogamy, or an individual’s inability to be faithful to one person. Each of these types of commitment issues would most like contribute to a...
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