Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Topics: Tobacco, Tobacco smoking, Nicotine Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Why Marijuana over Tobacco - English Persuasive Essay
About 50 percent of incoming college freshmen have admitted to using marijuana. And about 40 percent of them smoke it on a regular basis. The question is why is marijuana illegal and tobacco legal? Marijuana has been known as a “gateway drug”, meaning it leads to use of other harder drugs. This is not true. It truly depends on the person whether they are going to do otherdrugs. People who smoke marijuana do not have a higher chance of getting addicted or even trying cocaine or heroin than non-users. Many negative facts have been told of marijuana, mostly by the tobacco industry, which are false. Why is the tobacco industry so concerned with marijuana and its negative effects? It is because the tobacco industry is trying to take some of the attention off of their product and point the finger at marijuana. Marijuana is healthier, safer, and has more medical use than tobacco does.

Most illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, are mixed with many different chemicals, but not marijuana. Marijuana is grown from the ground. No chemicals are added during or after the growing process, just sunlight and water is needed for the plant to grow. Once the plant reaches its peak, it is taken down and hung up to dry for a long period of time. After that it is ready to be enjoyed and smoked by its users. But in tobacco they mix in many unneeded harmful chemicals. One of these chemicals is nicotine, which is highly addictive. This is the chemical that keeps the tobacco smokers coming back for more, and more, which keeps the tobacco companies happy and well paid. You may ask, why is this chemical in tobacco? The reason is just so tobacco users cannot quit smoking when they try, but are stuck smoking until they die.

Today millions of young kids, teens, and adults are addicted physically to tobacco and yet it is impossible to become physically addicted to marijuana. Physical addiction is where the body thinks it needs the...
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