Why Louis XVI Was Executed in 1793

Topics: Louis XVI of France, French people, France Pages: 1 (602 words) Published: March 11, 2015
Explain why Louis XVI was executed in 1793?

There are various factors that contributed to Louis’ death. In this essay I will be analysing the different factors and how they effected the outcome of Louis’ death. In 1791, Louis made an important choice in trying to escape the country (which would later have major effects on his positon as king) with his family because he thought if he left the country it would mean that he didn’t have to deal with the problems that were surrounding France, such as: Constitution of the Clergy and the revolutionary clubs. The flight to Varennes was significant because it showed the French people how weak and powerless their king was, which was a contributing factor as to why Louis was later executed. As a result of this, the National Assembly voted to suspend the King which showed the lack of popularity Louis had, which is highlighted by the mass amount of people (30, 000) that called for his dismissal altogether – which a majority were from the Cordeliers Club who were mainly made up of radical protesters thus causing a protest against Louis. As a result of the flight to Varennes the Austrians wanted to support Louis because they could see he was desperate and in need. This was important as it lead to the Declaration of Pillnitz – which meant that it could hopefully restore the power of the French capital to Louis. Furthermore, the declaration was important because it meant that with Austrian support they could fight the French over getting Louis’ position back as King which would have sparked riots and war. This showed the passion and determination of the French citizens over who they wanted as their king. In addition, Louis’ hostility towards the National Assembly, prior to his execution Louis had various arguments and debates with the National Assembly and didn’t always come out on top. This lead to outbreaks and protests against the king which mounted more hatred and disbelief against Louis, as a result of this the fall of...
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