Why Learning is Fun at Ocean County Vocational Technical School

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“Learning is fun at Ocean County Vocational Technical School because…”

Learning is fun at Ocean County Vocational Technical School because it’s teaching you how to start your journey in life; it makes you become a better person and teaches you different things in your young adult years. The reason why I think its fun because it helps me get a job, teaching me things I didn’t know, showing me how to be in a work environment and having good communication skills.

My first experience was my junior year I was in culinary arts/ hospitality I was shown how to prep foods, cook different foods, and taught safety rules. While I was there I helped cook apple crisp for the annual apple festival in Lacey. We also would take orders and cook all kinds of different foods for all the staff, students, and family members. We would cater to the students of the month and honor roll students by making them a big meal. I was shown different methods of cooking, different equipments, and tools. My job every Friday was to write in my portfolio about my jobs I had and what I cooked. It felt like I was in a real live restaurant it was pretty cool I learned a lot of things in the cooking class. I really enjoyed culinary foods class in Waretown ocvts.

The second reason why learning is fun at vocation school is I’m in a retail store occupations this year. I was shown a lot of cool methods of working in a store for an example cashier, making smoothies, and in the hot foods station. Every day of the week besides Wednesday we open the Surfs Up Market which is in the class I’m in at the Toms river center we get assigned a different job every week. On Wednesday we learn about working in a store, how to fill out applications, safety rules, communication skills, we also study different math methods.
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