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Why Kathy Was Unhappy

By bob456 Jan 16, 2013 268 Words
Kathy was happy when John lost the election. He made very well have been in a state of insanity when it happened, but it is still more than likely that he killed her. Another factor in John"tms life was his service in the Vietnam War. She did not like politics, and was hopeful that the loss would get John away from politics. He also used to follow Kathy around, and he knew that she had an affair with the dentist years ago. t the funeral, when he began screaming at his father for dying, and stated his desire to kill somebody. The soldiers referred to Wade as "Sorcerer" because of his practice of magic, but this name is also fitting throughout the book with Wade"tms personality. In order to get the boat in the water, she would have struggled to drag it to the water. John himself murdered an old man, and shot one of the other soldiers: Weatherby. This loss was utter humiliation for him. John had just gone through a traumatic experience, and last time this had happened was in Vietnam when he killed Weatherby. He never received psychological help, and I believe this led to future problems for him. At times, John was unsure of himself as to whether he did it or not, and he would dive under the dock in the lake and feel around for her body. As stated by Thomas Dewy on page 100, "a candidate who has lost an election for presidency" is literally in a state of shock for at least a month after the election.

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