Why join th emilitary

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Why should people join the military (Draft)

A lot of people can benefit from Military service, not just for the pay because we all know that that’s not much, but more for the experience that comes with it. Serving your country for reason personal to you can come with great benefits and life-long lessons.

I have had a lot of friends whose reason for not joining the military is “the army is not for me”, and I agree the military isn’t for everybody, but how would you know if you’ve never even spoken to a recruiter? Excuses are made every day about reasons not to join the military, but every day I hear complaints about unemployment.

About 7 years ago, a buddy of mine was telling me about his financial troubles, he didn’t have a job, no job training, a GED and no real motivation. I asked him about considering joining the Army, he was reluctant to even talk about at first, but me being a little older than he was, he sat down and listened.

After a hour long conversation and session of 21 questions, I felt that I had gotten thru to him, but as we parted ways, he said to me “I don’t know about no Army man”, safe to say I felt some type of way about that statement after sitting on concrete for an hour.

In the environment in which I was raised, not many people see any reason for doing anything other than what is seen being done, or what they told is the normal thing to do. I felt myself different because I had a dream to do something, anything that would get me out of the projects and into a big house with lots of cars. Safe to safe I didn’t get the house or cars but I did get out of the projects.

That buddy I spoke of sent me a email about 3 years later telling me that I should come see him, that he was in stationed in Kansas, turns out that he did listen, it just took some time for him to actually understand what I was telling him. He is now the H.R. Manager for some company in Laramie, Wyoming.

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