Why It Is Important to Be Quiet in Class

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Why it is important to be quiet in class?
It is polite to be quite during school so you don't bother other classes around you. During class changes you can talk, you can talk during class at an inside voice when your teacher allows you to do so and it is polite. Keep your mouth shut unless you are spoken to by the teacher or otherwise expected by the teacher to speak. It means don't chat with the kids around you in class unless you are told by the teacher to have a group discussion, and don't make unnecessary noises like dropping things on purpose or other noises made on purpose. We should be quite because if we talk, it may disturb the other sincere students and the teacher while teaching. If you talk while a teacher is teaching you, then the teacher would obviously get irritated and it is courtesy to be quite when someone is talking and someone is telling something just for our benefit. 1. So other people can concentrate

2. Show respect and don't get in trouble.
3. Just Listen (Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters so Shhhhh.) 4. just in case if you talk and someone is behind or front of you doesn't get in trouble. 5. Only time you talk is when you have "speaker power" or partner talk about what you both are doing. If we are not quiet it will cause disruptions to other pupils in the class and it is to be respectful of others and not interrupt their studies. Learning is best achieved in a quite environment, therefore being quite during a lesson is important. If there are uncontrolled uproars during class, the ability to concentrate is hampered and the material being taught is not grasped well. It is critical to be quiet during class because it is a way of showing respect to the teacher, who is trying to accomplish his/her job.
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