Why Is Tolkien Wrong

Topics: KILL, Beowulf, Heorot, Grendel, Hroðgar, Epic poetry / Pages: 1 (172 words) / Published: Oct 30th, 2015
Tolkien is wrong because if you remember in the beginning of the book it says that they saw the elves after the dragon came and destroyed and burned the whole town.In the movie it shows that after the dragon destroyed and burned the whole town they saw the elf king just standing there on the top of the hill with his elf army after the town was destroyed. Tolkien is also right because when the dwarves were being attacked by the orcs.Then that guy was distracting the orcs animals with his rabbits.Then when everything went wrong, he orcs found out that it was just a distraction, but then the elf King and his army saved the dwarves lives. At the end, I would think that the elf King is bad because the rods have the best army and weapons and if

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