Why Is the Teenage depression rate so high?

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Why is the Rate of Teenage Depression So High?

Depression has become an over whelming issue for teenagers in the past few years. In the 70's, 80's and 90's teenage depression was not often heard of and wasn't really ever talked about. In 2013 20% of teenagers will experience teenage depression. (Teen depression statistics, 2013) If one person in the family has a problem with depression, this could effect back onto the whole family. Researches have found that not only teenage depression has become an issue but also self harm and suicide. What has changed in the 21st century that has made the depression rate so high?

Teenage depression has become a new issue found in Canada and many other country’s around the world. It's now found that 10 to 15 precent of teenagers in Canada have some symptoms of teenage depression at any one time.(Borchard, T. 2010) If you break that down an actual population of 1000, that would mean that 150 of those teenagers would have some sort of depression. If you were to look back to the 1990's only 5 percent of teenagers had depression. (Borchard, T. 2010). That would break down into only 50 teenagers having depression. Just in the past few years, five times the amount of teens in 2013 have depression compared to teenagers in the mid 20th century. (Dokopupil, T. 2010) This could be the results of the negative effects of social media.

The cause of the high rate of depression could link back to the new inventions of technology such as texting, anonymous ways to talk to people, facebook, twitter and etc. “These rising rates of depression are partly the result of a culture that promotes the narcissism pulsing through social media usage.” (Cheung, A. 2010) It's found that 95 percent of teens with depression use social media in some way. (NIMH, 2013) Although almost every teenage uses all the new social media attitudes this is still a new effect that would make the teenage depression rate climb 10%. Social media wouldn't effect...

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