Why Is The Forensic Tower III I7 Would Be Used?

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Every computer forensics investigator needs a place in which they have the equipment necessary to perform the investigations. The computer forensics lab is the place in which the investigators have all of their equipment and can perform the investigations. The lab should include the following:

I. Hardware Equipment:
The forensic workstation that is going to be installed on the lab is the Forensic Tower III i7. This workstation is compatible with all commercial forensic acquisition and analysis software such as older MS-DOS based tools, ProDiscover, Forensic Tool Kit, P2 Commander, and EnCase. The reason why the Forensic Tower III i7 would be used and not any other forensic workstation is because is not very expensive compared to...

In addition, FRED-L comes with the UltraKit form Digital Intelligence which allows you to safely connect SATA, SAS, USB, and IDE hard drives. FRED-L comes with the UltraKit.
UltraKit v4.1 + TD3 and UltraKit
UltraKit is a fully portable kit that includes different hardware write blockers, adapters, cables, and power supplies that you would need to acquire forensic images of different types of drives you may encounter. UltraKit v4.1 is the new version of the UltraKit that comes with the forensics laptop. The new version will be used to safely connect any hard drive to the Forensic Tower III i7 while the other version that comes with the FRED-L will be used outside the forensic lab when the laptop is being used. The reason why only the newer version of UltraKit will be used just for the forensic workstation and not the laptop is because older version of UltraKit comes with the Laptop, which means they are fully compatible. On the other hand, the workstation and UltraKit v4.1 are designed to carry a bit more workload than the laptop and UltraKit. As stated before, UltraKit is included when you buy the FRED-L, which means you only need to buy the UltraKit v4.1 for...

In addition to the DataBlock USB3, the UltraKit v4.1 comes with UltraBlock USB3.0 IDE/SATA which supports data acquisitions from PATA (also known as IDE) and SATA devices. UltraBlock USB3.0 IDE/SATA is a write-blocker that uses USB 3.0 connection to acquire data from PATA and SATA devices.
UltraBlock USB 3.0 Forensic Card Reader and Writer is another device included in the UltraKit v4.1 which allows you to acquire data from memory and multimedia cards. This device uses a USB 3.0 connection to the workstation to acquire information from CF, SD, Mini SD, ad MicroSD card that you can find in MP3 players, digital cameras, cellphones, computers, and other devices. With the UltraBlock USB3.0 Forensic Card Reader and Writer you could use two modes, the read-only mode or the read-write mode. Also, you could use either a USB 3.0, 2.0, or 1.1 port to connect the device to the forensic...
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