Why Is Solitude Necessary?

Topics: Personal life, Middle East, Psychology Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Is solitude really necessary to achieve your most important goals? Yes it is because it lets you think and process your deepest thoughts without distraction, and it makes your environment calmer. Throughout history Middle Eastern countries have practiced meditation to get in touch with their deepest self awareness. Solitude allows one to detach themselves from the thoughts and worries everyday life. Conversations with my friends and teachers allow me to understand other people’s thoughts and opinions, in solitude I am able to process these thoughts and form my own opinions.

I think that teenagers today do not spend enough time in solitude because they feel that spending time with their friends is more important. Instead of spending quality time with themselves most teenagers use technology to keep away from complete solitude, such as talking on the phone or using a form of the internet to keep themselves from having to experience solitude. I believe that people in the past were forced upon having to be in solitude because they did not have all these forms of technology available in their time. If I was a young boy 100 years ago I would have spent more time probably enjoying the outdoors whether I would be hunting or fishing or having to do labor so I would be keeping myself busy. People can understand that sometime solitude is not pleasant and that people do not generally like to spend a lot of time on their own. But there is a difference between loneliness and solitude, because one needs to appreciate solitude as a time to think and get in touch with ones feelings. It takes solitude for you to think things through and come up with a new purpose or perspective for your life. In writing this paper I have had to think about the ups to solitude more then I have ever had to think about it in my life hopefully I can take what I have learned from my thoughts to be happy with spending time alone with myself. So there you have it in solitude some of ones...
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