Why Is Soccer Important In Portugal

Soccer was voted most favorite sport in portugal and brings a lot of joy to people. Soccer is a sport that Portugal has seen itself obtain a good degree of success on the international stage in recent years. The smaller size of Portugal means that there is less of a talent pool to choose from. At the same time, less economic prosperity means that the domestic teams struggle to retain locally developed talent who instead prefer to head to the bigger paychecks that can be found in Spain and England. soccer is the most popular sport in portugal and plays a huge role in the history of the country. Soccer means a lot to the country of portugal and brings in a lot of money. First of all,soccer is a major passtime in Portugal and has an important role in there history. The Golden Generation of Portuguese soccer has seen the country develop some wonderful talent as of late, and this has propelled the national team to a FIFA ranking as high as number 3 with the talent the have. Soccer is important to the nation and the people also the only way out of a bad life. Portugal has been able to reach the semi final of the World Cup on two occasions, in 1966 and 2006, with the squad getting their best ever finish as third place in the 1966 tournament. Regionally, Portugal managed to reach the finals of the European Tournament in 2004, before they lost to …show more content…
Many of the players from the golden generation have already retired or are quickly approaching the end of their international careers. As a result, a new era of players, spearheaded by the charismatic superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, is leading the charge on the international front.Unfortunately, the national team in recent years has seen no more success than in the past, with a disappointing exit from the 2010 World Cup at the hands of tournament winners Spain leaving many in the Portugal soccer scene disappointed and thinking they are longed removed from winning

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