Why Is Leadership Style Important

Topics: Leadership, Management, Term Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Why is Leadership Style Important?
By John Cronkite Ed.D. www.dirigoconsulting.com
A Few Reminders from Last Month: One of the most significant strengths of an effective leader is the ability to create a positive work climate. In an outstanding organizational climate, people are energized to do their best work, free of unnecessary distractions. Climates that energize workers to produce their very best can improve results by as much as 30 percent. What’s New This Month: Up to 70 percent of an employee’s perception of organizational climate can be traced directly to the actions of you as the organization’s leader. More than anyone else, you as the boss create the conditions that determine people’s ability to work well. Research by David McClelland on leadership has identified “styles” of leadership that provide not only a roadmap for leading but also implications for action.

What is Leadership Style? Leadership style refers to the patterns of behaviors an individual leader uses across a full range of managerial and leadership situations. Although leaders face an unlimited range of leadership situations, studies have shown that there are six basic leadership styles that leaders apply to the situations they encounter. These styles are: Directive-demanding immediate compliance Visionary-mobilizing people toward a long term direction and vision Participative- building commitment and generating new ideas Affiliative-creating harmony and emotional bonds Pace Setting-expecting excellence and self direction Coaching-developing people for the future

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What Leadership Style Gets the Best Results? You need a variety of styles: McClelland discovered in his research that leaders with the best results didn’t practice just one particular style - they used a variety of styles, depending upon the business situation. Like a golfer who has six clubs in her golf bag. She uses a specific club for driving the ball down the fairway, another to get out of the sand trap...
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