Why Is Leadership Important

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O’ Connell, Patricia. (Feb 2010). How Companies Develop Great Leaders. www. businessweek.com

- The Best Companies for Leadership report investing more time developing future leaders

- The best-in-breed companies spend more time and money developing leaders

- 22% of the Best Companies for Leadership spend 25+ days developing their top talent

- Creates an environment that drives performance

- Removes obstacles that hinder people

McCarthy, Dan (Feb 2010). Hay Group Study Identifies Best Companies for Leadership. www.businessweek.com

- Top 20 Best Companies for Leadership maintained their commitment to preparing and retaining leaders. - 90% of the Top 20 Best Companies respondents agreed that all employees at their company have the opportunity to develop and practice leading others 86%

- Paramount in driving organizations toward growth
- Gets people to be passionate about their work and grooms them for the challenges ahead

Top 20 Best Companies for Leadership
* General Electric
* Southwest Airlines
* 3M Company
* Procter & Gamble
* Accenture
* Wal-Mart Stores
* Nestle
* Coca-Cola
* McDonald’s Corporation
* Infosys Technologies
* Cisco
* United Parcel Service
* Ikea
* Zappos
* Hewlett-Packard
* Goldman Sachs
* Unilever
* General Mills, Inc.

- Researchers found that companies ranging in size from small outfits of 27 employees to Fortune 500 corporations support leadership at every level

Leadership Development Methods and Tips www.businessballs.com/leadership.htm

- Develops leaders that are an enabling force
- Good leadership requires attitudes and behaviors which characterize and relate to humanity - Leadership development is an opportunity to give, to serve the organization, and the people too. - Leadership is about behavior first, skills second

Leadership Training www.cmoe.com/leadership-training.htm

-Creates a broad perspective, vision, and awareness of trends and developments shaping their organization - Improves the organizations performance, motivation, and overall effectiveness - Creates alignment in both organizational and personal goals - Helps others achieve their maximum potential

- Generates positive long-term results

Via the Handout

- Gives individuals a positive charting of life and work without being deterred by negative forces such as weaknesses and insecurities - Helps professionals to be confident
- Distinguishes between leaders and followers
- Plays an important role when a person possesses the qualities of a leader but not an effective leader -Helps managers to develop their leadership qualities for becoming more productive and managerial - Imparts knowledge to managers on how to be confident in employee management -Teaches importance of effective communication in the workforce - Develops problem solving skills

- Creates a positive outlook towards dedication in work among leaders - Allows leaders to understand employee problems and issues
- Improves proficiency
- Leadership Development is as essential ingredient for human advancement -Teaches individuals to overcome weaknesses and use them to their advantage - Teaches individuals to make the most out of their current position rather than staying in the same place because they lack personal resources and knowledge

http://exec.actioncoach.com/industry-statistics.php Feb 2011

- organizations that make large investments in people typically have lower employee turnover, which is associated with higher customer satisfaction, which in turn is a driver of profitability

- education and training variable is the most significant predictor of an organization's success as compared to price-to-earning ratios, price-to-book statistics, and measures of risk and volatility....
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