Why Is It Important to Succeed in College

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September 26, 2011
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Why is it important to be successful in College?
Isn’t it important to everyone to be successful in college? It is to me. There are several reasons why I think so. In general, you get to enhance your education. I would like to be a role model. With a college degree, you go far.

With a college degree, people say it can take you far places. I know with a degree in my hand, I reached my educational goal. Also, with a degree, you can further on in a career that you have set out to do. Even though a degree is just a piece of paper, it states that you completed something in your life. It tells a person, who is looking at your degree, that you are educated.`

Everyone should want to be a role model. I would like to be a role model for my little sister. If my sister sees me become successful in school, maybe she would want to be successful as well. I wouldn’t just want to be role model for my sister. I would like to be a role model for other family members as well. It would mean a lot to me, if I had people look up to me.

To be educated is important. Enhancing the knowledge that you have now, is a good thing. For an example, a student who wants to become a lawyer or a doctor will not be able to be so without a degree. They would also, have to attend medical or law school. Enhancement of your education can mean enhancement of your career.

Everyone who attends college, it should be important to be successful. I have many reasons why I think so. I would like to a role model, not just for myself, but for my family as well. Another reason is to enhance my education. Lastly, with a college degree you can go far places.
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