Why Is It Important to Learn Child Development.?

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why is it
The Importance of why early years students should study child development.y.

To provide effective learning and growing experiences for children and babies it is vital to have the understanding and knowledge of how children develop through-out their childhood years. `Early childhood studies 2007 Mary Wild p34` quotes that “ without some theoretical understanding the danger is that, at best, we do things in particular ways out of professional habit and thereby run the risk of not providing as worthwhile a learning experience as we could”

Studying Child Development enables us to be prepared for the expected and even unexpected: behavior, physical, social and emotional changes that will take place in many stages during a child’s life. This will ensure we are providing the right care and concern that we are capable of while working with children of all natures. From the babies to toddlers to juniors, each of them individually go through different stages and sequences in development which in turn need a lot of attention and encouragement as well as the understanding and knowledge of just how children develop.

There are professionals called theorists that develop theories on the understanding of child development, they produce demonstrations in order to show the scientific, philosophical and hypothetical side of children. One of the first people to become a theorist was a man named Jean Piaget born in Switzerland in 1996. He avowed that” there are four main stages from birth to adulthood theses are; sensoirmotor stage, preperational stage, concrete operational stage and formal operations stage. As a early years student we can also generate our own opinion on the theories by observing a chosen child in placement and comparing them to the theory’s. Not all people agree with them, `How Children Learn 2008 Linda Pound p38` suggests that “Piaget’s interest was primarily in how children learn as opposed to what or when they might learn”

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