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A cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are all a part of the experience, as well as the different destinations along the way. It is however important that the cruise ships come to my destination because it will provide a boost to our economy in that it will provide the government with more money to help my country to buy goods and provide services from other countries, it will increase the tax revenue of the government and the taxes which are collected are used to improve the country's infrastructure making my country more seductive to future visitors and in this way visitors will be able to go back to their country and give a positive review about our country, making us more marketable for their friends and family to visit. It will also provide employment for our citizens for example persons will be employed at the ports where the ships dock as security guards and customs officers. Taxi services will also benefit from these cruises giving tours and telling them about our history. Also, apart from assisting in government avenues, it will also help to improve on our citizens as it will help to build skills and encourage entrepreneurship in that persons can choose to start their own business by selling locally made arts and crafts as souvenirs and be more independent, for example my mom lost her job during the depression and it was very difficult for her to find a job at the time so she started making necklaces from local materials such as coconut shells, sea grape seed and beads etc. My mom also made house hold decor's from bamboo sticks which did not cost her much to acquire and as such she was able to make money to provide for us and pay bills. It is important that the cruise ships come to my destination because not only do they get to meet us, we also get to meet them, being such a small island not...
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