Why Is It Fun in the Philippines

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Why is it fun in the phil.
1.) The new slogan of the Department of Tourism of Philippines “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” has gone viral. This slogan was developed to attract tourists from around the world and has already circulated in social networks such as facebook, twitter, and tumblr. The said slogan aims to convince tourists why they would rather choose Philippines as their travel destination and why it’s more fun to do things in Philippines. Often times in social networks, people’s imagination can go beyond for what the slogan’s real objective is causing humorous parodies.

As a Filipino myself, I know a lot of things that are (or more) fun in the Philippines. But after collecting opinions and research, I have listed my 10 reasons why it is more fun in the Philippines.

a.) Festivals – Philippines is home to hundreds of festivals. Tourists from around the world travel to witness some colourful and lively festivals in the Philippines such as the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, and Masskara Festival in Bacolod City. b.) Beaches – being a tropical country, Philippines is the home of the world-famous beach, Boracay. c.) Street food – What is going to another country without trying their famous dishes? I can same some food that are usually tourists-favourites like Chicken/Pork Adobo d.) Hand-made or native materials – shopping is fun in the Philippines knowing when you convert your dollars to pesos, you instantly become 10 times richer. e.) Hospitality - Now, nothing comes close to a Filipino way of welcoming their guests. Filipinos love spoiling their guests with food and comfort. f.) Cheap prices – one thing I really miss about Philippines is having a full body massage –at least 3 days a week g.) Karaoke – now who doesn’t love singing? Admit it, some of us may not be good singers but inside our heads we are! h.) English – being the third largest English speaking country in the world, tourists will have less difficulty...
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